Pueraria Mirifica Extract

Pueraria Mirifica Extract gives you one of the very best opportunities to make your own high-quality beauty-care products at home that give you results everyone will notice!

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Plus it’s the perfect opportunity for you to save a ton of money on expensive products that most likely won’t work any better than mixing PM to your current products.

People love using the Pueraria Mirifica Extract because it’s so potent and it gives them the chance to mix it in with products that they use every day to add a ‘beauty boost!’ You can mix it in with the lotions, gels, creams, serums, and liquid soaps that you already use to nurture your skin with the richest all natural source of pytonutrients, miroestrol, and isoflavones.

What’s Your Beauty Goals, Anyway?

Are you a woman who is focused on treating your skin to a nourishing, anti-aging regimen in hopes of reducing the effects of aging, slowing the wrinkling process, moisturizing & hydrating your dry skin, wiping out psoriasis, and/or bringing your skin to a beautiful ‘glow’ that women have reported receiving after using pueraria mirifica extract?

Or do you want a real, fast, and effective treatment that will help you naturally and safely increase, fill out, tighten, perk up, and beautify your breasts far better than anything you’ve ever tried? If this is your goal then you seriously need to try Pueraria Mirifica Extract; along with the Spray, and the Capsules. (Check out the kits we recommend on this site, see link below)

Pueraria Mirifica Extract contains the most miraculous, breakthrough, and exciting combination of ingredients ever discovered and clinically tested!

1. PM is an extraordinary source of pytoestrogens (plant estrogens, hormones), which work effectively in the body to produce estrogenic activities. Pytoestrogen imitates female estrogen and that’s why menopausal women are raving about Pueraria Mirifica and the Extract; because it can help her body maintain a youthful, beautified look when the body’s estrogen levels are decreasing with age.

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2. It contains miroestrol, which is the active ingredient that may increase breast size permanently, by 1 to 3 cup sizes! It also contains deoxymiroestrol and derivatives of miroestrol including beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, coumestrol, puerarin, mirificoumestan, kwakhurin, mirificin, b-sitosterol, alkane alcohol, fat, and sugar.

Miroestrol has been tested and shown to be up to 2 times more effective than human estrogen in the body. Up until now, most doctors and health experts recommended soybeans because of their estrogenic effects but the miroestrol content found in pueraria mirifica is believed to have 3,000 times more potency than soybeans!

No other known source contains the level of concentrated miroestrol that PM contains. And again, this is the active ingredient that is very close to estradiol, the estrogen in women. Plus, there are zero negative side effects for women who take the recommended daily dosage.

Now maybe you do or do not care to hear some of the science behind PM, but you can definitely see that nature has now provided us with the “Fountain of Youth” and the “Miracle Beauty Herb” all in one!

Advise on Making Your Own Beauty, Breast, and/or Skin Care Products with Pueraria Mirifica Extract

My husband and I do NOT use the lotions, soaps, shampoos, or other products that you would find on the shelves of most stores. We don’t use anything on our skin that contains chemicals - namely any sulfates.

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We use 100% Organic, cold pressed Olive Oil mixed with pure glycerin in a mixture on our skin. These are healthy, hydrating, and anti-aging for the skin. You may also purchase some unrefined, unprocessed shea butter if you prefer that. But these are some good moisturizing ingredients to mix with your Pueraria Mirifica Extract to achieve phenomenally beautifying effects.

Because though the extract is effective with chemical based products, you’ll always get better results by using it with natural ingredients. It’s healthier for your skin and it will help you achieve your goals of beautiful, flawless skin well into your senior years.

As a matter of fact, my 85 year old great-grandmother is now taking our special moisturizing mixture and she immediately felt her skin become more elastic, supple, and young –feeling – from the first time she used my concoction.

Just play with the amounts of these ingredients to find the perfect level of olive oil, glycerin, and Pueraria Mirifica Extract for your skin.

When applied to the skin, Pueraria Mirifica Cream may provide quicker and stronger benefits for women than most of the cosmetic products out there, expensive or moderately priced, natural or chemical based. As a matter of fact, PM is used in many of the high-end products as their active ingredient!

These are the commonly reported benefits...

1. Softens the Skin

2. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin

3. Increases Blood Flow to the Skin, thereby keeping it young, supple, and vibrant

4. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

5. Keeps the skin elastic

6. When applied to the hips it can round out the hips

7. Helps heal dry skin conditions, Psoriasis, Acne, etc.

8. Helps scars, wounds, and bruises heal faster and more complete

9. Helps the skin achieve a ‘glowing’ effect

10. Anti-Aging

11. Reduces wrinkles and freckles

12. Improves Complexion

That’s why Pueraria Mirifica Extract is great for women 20 years old and over. It’s ideal for pre, post, and current menopausal women. There are some savvy women who are not only using it to beautify themselves but are also creating their own mixes, lotions, creams, and serums and selling these “miracle” beauty products locally – and it’s all because of the amazing results they’re getting with PM Extract!

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