Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects - What Every One Should Know

Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects. It’s very importance to discover the Pueraria Mirifica side effects before trying this ‘miraculous’ herb.

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Because after all, an herb so powerful that it actually causes the breasts to grow by 1 to 3 cup sizes in 3 to 6 months, actually haults or even reverses the effects of menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, wrinkling skin, and vaginal dryness, and even helps you grow a full, dark head of silky hair and strong, long nails well into your 80s must be loaded with toxic properties, right?

Absolutely NOT! That’s what makes PM so different than anything else yet discovered. The Pueraria Mirifica side effects research we did and experienced during and after actually using the herb are very few when taken correctly.

Laboratory tests, the LD50 test, specifically measures the level of ability or the dosage that it would take to kill a rat or other animal after 14 days; expressed in weight of material per kilogram of body weight. Water, for instance, scores a 16 with this test.

It was administered in the lab test, it scored an amazing 40! This results in NO deaths at all in animals that were tested. In other words, Pueraria Mirifica side effects are less toxic than water! Try our top rated product today to get maximum results without negative pueraria mirifica side effects.

What’s even more impressive is that other tests show that even acute exposure to Pueraria Mirifica Root, up to 6 times the recommended daily dosage was given to laboratory animals over 14 days, or the equivalent of 45,000 human doses consumed over a 90 day period, still NO toxic evidence was found!

Plus it hasn’t produced any adverse effects or signs of toxicity in healthy menstruating women aged 20 to 49 years during a 6 month period of daily consumption! IN other words, it’s completely SAFE and harmless for consumption.

So let’s keep in mind that Pueraria Mirifica is very powerful and has more estrogenic activity than ANY other known substance in the world. Its estrogenic activity is 3,000 times stronger than soy isoflavones and 100 times more powerful than red clover – the most popular natural menopausal alternatives to date.

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That means that menopausal women now have the super-safe “Miracle herb” that solves all the problems they’ve been desperate to get rid of – with no side effects.

Women who’ve tried various breast enlargement supplements that were supposed to work found several side effects to be present. You see most breast enhancement products on the market contain a conglomerate of various herbs that have pytoestrogenic activity such as red clover, black cohosh, wild yam, saw palmetto, fenugreek, soy, and others.

They throw all of these ingredients together and market these products as containing all the properties a woman needs to grow her breasts. And that’s half-way true. Meaning, yes, these products have estogenic activity, but no; it's not enough to actually grow breasts in the vast majority of users.

Additionally, these products also throw in tropical herbs that many women have reported to be allergic to, as well as bring side effects like nausea and headaches.

Why Some Pueraria Mirifica Brands & Products Aren't Safe & May Cause Allergic Reactions

If you’ve been trying other Pueraria Mirifica brands and found that you were allergic or you've had stomach aches more often, there's three possible reasons why:

You are allergic to Pepper (Piper Chaba Hunt.), this is the most common reason.

You are allergic to Ginger (Zingiber officinalis Roscoe)

You might be allergic to Sappanwood (Caesalpinia Sappan Linn). If you are allergic at the beginning of the summer time (flowers, trees) then you are definitely allergic to this.

Why you cannot avoid this:

Because the real content is NOT revealed on product label. You cannot get any info of other herbs which so often are informed as "other tropical herbs" or names that are in a Latin language.

How to Better Avoid Potential Allergic Reactions

We recommend a product source who only uses natural substances that are suitable to any person. If you feel you are a "hyper allergic person" and you still want to try please take precaution with ANY traditional herbs.

Give it a try and make your own observations. First signs of effects are usually skin & hair related. Facial skin starts to feel less oily and more elastic. This usually happens after 10-30 days. Afterwards the PM effects to breasts starts and they begin to get firmer and then you know that PM is doing its miracle work.

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The Truth About Other So-Called "Breast Growth Herbs" or "Hormone Replacement Herbs"

And what’s more is that NONE of these other herbs are strong enough for you to get enough of the pytoestrogenic activity to actually grow the breasts; especially not permanently, and none of them contain the SECRET INGREDIENT that makes Pueraria Mirifica stand in a class of its own –“miroestrol.”

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So these herbal concoctions contain all of these various substances and several of the ingredients commonly used have proven to give people side effects including nausea, headaches, and others.

Avoid Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects with 100% PURE PM

On the other hand, when you take PURE Pueraria Mirifica, very few women report experiencing any Pueraria Mirifica side effects. I have a very sensitive system, and I’m also pretty small, and I have been able to take PM without any problems because I take PURE Pueraria Mirifica from the same recommended source we recommend to you. Get maximum results without negative pueraria mirifica side effects with my top rated pure pueraria mirifica product.

Nevertheless, There are Some ‘Side Effects’ that have been reported in menopausal women. So let’s look at these…

Breast Pain – Some women report breast pain when taking pueraria mirifica. But is this really a negative side effect? After all, that only means that the miroestrol in PM is being effective in the estrogen receptors in the breasts, causing them to remain full, firm, and beautiful.

Plus the fact that the strong pytoestrogenic activity in PM rests on the estrogen receptors in the breasts, this has proven to help prevent breast cancer cells from forming on these receptor sites in the breasts!

So you tell me, can you deal with a little breast pain to keep your breasts fro sagging and drooping and possibly developing breast cancer???

Vaginal Discharge – Yes, many women report experiencing vaginal discharge. But this is one of the most pleasurable benefits of PM, not what I would call a negative side effect by any measure! This means that you will keep from experiencing the frustration and even pain of vaginal dryness – instead you will enjoy the wet and well lubricated sexual experience of your youth! Is that OK with you?

Vaginal Spotting – Now there have been just a few cases of this but we must still warn you of them. This is one of those Pueraria Mirifica side effects that would drive women to the hospital in fear if they didn’t know what was happening, because vaginal bleeding in menopausal women is such a serious warning sign.

But don’t worry too soon, you may just need to lower your dosage of PM for a while or stop it breifly before you resume your regimen. This may just mean that you’re getting so much good estrogenic activity in your body that its taking you back to your pre-menopausal days.

Just lower your dosage and/or stop taking it for awhile, and get back on it with your adjusted dosage. (Talk more about this with the customer service department of the company you order from along with your doctor.)

Again, this doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you for the long-term, it just means that PM is making you a ‘girl’ all over again! So just don’t get scared and stop taking it altogether; simply modify.

Hardening of the Uterus - Now this is a potential negative pueraria mirifica side effect that you definitely need to watch for. A very small percentage of women have reported cases where thier uterus walls harden as a result of taking pueraria mirifica. Be careful with this.

If you begin to notice signs of a hardening uterus then you should stop taking PM. (Learn more about the symptoms of this potential side effect.)

However, please remember, there is a very small chance of this type condition happening, especially in just 6 months of treatment.

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Perhaps taking the cream instead of taking capsules will stop this process. On the other hand, you may want to stop taking it for a while to let it flush out of your body if this happens to you, especially if you're still trying to bear children.

My Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enhancement Journey Revealed...

Here’s what I experienced during my journey of growing my breasts from a B cup to a sexy C cup! When I took PM it knocked off my cycle, a bit. When this happened to me, I thought it was amazing that this stuff was so powerful that it actually knocked my period off!

But my recommended source had simple instructions for what to do if this happened, so I basically stopped taking it for about a week to avoid any pueraria mirifica side effects, then started back up for 14 days on – then a week off, and so on for 6 months. By that time I went from a B cup to a C Cup! It worked; and with no problems that couldn’t be easily solved.

50 healthy menstruating women aged 20 to 49 did a volunteer safety and efficacy study that was conducted at a university hospital in Japan using PM root powder in capsules. Compared to pre-study measurements, there were no significant changes in female hormones, blood levels, or anything else. In other words, no negative pueraria mirifica side effects!

Six out of 50 women or 12%, reported that they menstruated earlier or later than expected, but the GOOD NEWS is that there were NO reports of pueraria mirifica side effects like abnormally, heavy, severe, or missed menstruation.

I can testify that this was also my experience. My period came a little late a couple of times but it wasn’t any different than normal when it came.

So here’s what you need to do in order to get the best results with ZERO negative and long-term Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects...

Take it PURE – When taking ingestible PM Pills, only Pueraria Mirifica with no other substances that could change its miraculous chemistry and nothing that could cause you pueraria mirifica side effects like nausea, headaches, etc is good for you. The breast creams, serums and other topical products always contain other ingredients that help make it a liquid or cream so don't worry that these are mixed.

The topical products don't cause Pueraria Mirifica side effects even though they're mixed.

And listen to your body when you take it. If you find that your period’s late, well at least you know it’s working strongly in your body.

If this happens though, just follow the instructions our recommended source provides and you’ll find your perfect regimen. You need to try my top rated product to get the same kind of results I got without negative pueraria mirifica side effects.

There are a few things you need to be mindful of though.

Pregnant women should not take PM

People diagnosed with hormone based cancer should not take PM because it is a strong pytoestrogen; even though PM is anti-mutagenic (helps prevent breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer)

It does increase blood flow so very sensitive people could feel a little extra rush in the face (I found this to be a good thing though)

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Women taking PM for menopause should be willing to adjust your dosage to find the perfect amount that helps eliminate your symptoms.

People taking it for permanent breast enlargement should take a higher dose but don’t take more than the product recommendations.

You shouldn't experience any Pueraria Mirifica side effects, especially any long-term ones, as proven by centuries of use by Thailand villagers, and in modern society by clinical and laboratory testing. Though PM is exceptionally powerful and effective, it’s gentler than water and it adjusts to your body to help you get maximum results.

So be patient, and let the magic work for you, just like it has for tens of thousands of people in the past and is working today for tens of thousands more.

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How Did YOU Beat the PM Side Effects?

I’ve shared my PM experience and how I beat the minimal side effects to get incredible results, now it’s YOUR turn! People want to know how they can minimize the pueraria mirifica side effects and maximize the results of a PM regimen. So please share your story, regimen and strategy for minimizing the side effects to complete the regimen and what your results were.

Also feel free to share any questions, comments or requests here!

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